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Module 1 Notes | Online Tests

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Module 2 Notes | M2.1 | M2.2 | M2.3 | M2.4

Module 3 Notes | M3.1 | M3.2 | M3.3 | M3.4

Module 4 Notes | M4.1 | M4.2 | M4.3 | M4.4

Module 5 Notes | M5.1 | M5.2 | M5.3 | M5.4

Module 6 Notes | M6.1 | M6.2 | M6.3 | M6.4

Module 7 Notes | M7.1 | M7.2 | M7.3 | M7.4

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Form 3 - Tests

Form 4 - Tests

Form 5 - Tests

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MATSEC Computer Studies Syllabus (PDF)

Sample Programming Project...Click here (.doc)

Sample Pascal Program...Click here (.pas)

Sample Database Project...Click here (.doc)

Sample Database Program...Click here (.mdb)

Sample System Analysis Project...Click here (.doc)

Download Turbo Pascal (This is a zipped file and has to be expanded to your c:/ drive)

Click Here

Install notes for Turbo Pascal on a PC running Windows XP/Vista...Click here (.doc)

How to convert from .pas to .exe...Click here (.txt)

Pascal Notes...Click here (.doc)

MSW Logo. ..Download here

MSW Notes... Click here



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IT Career Chart


Japanese text editor...Click here (.zip)



IT Pathway chart...Click here (.pdf)

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